Dermal Peels

Turn back the hands of time with medical grade peels


Dermal PeelsAs specialists in medical grade dermal peels, Bradford Skin Clinic utilizes only the most technologically advanced product lines to deliver the most effective results for your specific skin type.



Now you don’t have to put up with dull, stressed, tired, scarred, wrinkled, pigmented or uneven skin tone due to hormonal imbalance, acne or sun exposure. Our medical grade dermal peels can restore a more luminous, supple and renewed complexion by removing the damaged outer layers.

Dermal peels are non-invasive methods used to improved:

  • acne
  • sun spots
  • age spots
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • freckles
  • scars
  • uneven skin tone
  • dry, dull and flaky skin
  • scaly patches and rough skin

Bradford Dermal Peels

We offer a range of highly effective dermal peels to restore your glow and your confidence.

AFA Gel Dermal Peels

Very popular with our clientele, AFA peels are available in a range of strengths, ranging from 20, 30, 40, and 50 to 60. Each AFA dermal peel targets a specific skin condition, including mild acne, pigmentation, uneven texture, sun damage or aging skin to restore a fresh, new appearance. With extractions and mineral applications, AFA dermal peels are safe for all seasons – no downtime needed!

Fire and Ice Red Carpet Facial

Some of the most beautiful, glamorous celebrities swear by the iS Clinical Fire & Ice resurfacing dermal peel to help them get red carpet ready. Ideal for aging, congested, dry and acne-prone skin, this lunchtime procedure requires no downtime.

Customized Medical Dermal Peels

We offer a range of customized medical dermal peels to suit your exact needs. This enables us to customize your treatment in order to target your specific skin challenges. Repeated treatments deliver gradual, progressive results, avoiding side effects and downtime.  Available as a single treatment, a three pack or a six pack, each peel will be different from the last.


Book Your Dermal Peels Today

All dermal peels from Bradford Skin clinic and Med Spa are administered by qualified medical skin therapists to give you the best possible results.

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