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We believe it’s important to earn your confidence before you consider booking a treatment. The more you learn about Bradford Skin Clinic, our treatments and our products, the more comfortable you will feel making decisions on what is best for you. Our staff provide honest, expert advice and treatment recommendations.

Google, find a skin clinic near me, STAT!

skin clinic near meOut with old, in with the new – your guarantee from Bradford Skin Clinic

Have you ever reached a point where you are simply fed up with the lack of results from your skin care routine? Or have you tried various remedies for a skin ailment with little to no results? If that’s you, nobody can blame you for telling Google to find a “skin clinic near me”. If you’re truly lucky, you may happen upon Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa.

Is Bradford Skin Clinic Near Me?

Bradford Skin Clinic is located in Simcoe County, Ontario, and our clientele come from in and around Bradford, Newmarket, and Barrie for the outstanding results that we consistently help them achieve.

Why Bradford is the Best Skin Clinic Near Me

Owned and managed by Mia Liefso, Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa is highly discerning about its products and services. New skin care products, treatments, and medical cosmetic procedures emerge in the skin care business with astonishing frequency, but not every new trend or product is good for you. Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa eliminates the guesswork by offering only proven treatments and products.

Only qualified therapists may apply advanced skin treatments and procedures.

Each product line and skin technology is thoroughly researched and tested before it is made available to clients.

Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa will create a customized skin care treatment plan to help you achieve the results you want. Our advanced skin care services include the following:

Whether you wish to combat premature aging, nourish your skin, or heal it from complex conditions such as acne, the medical grade skin care products used at Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa will make noticeable changes to your skin health.