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Non-Invasive Body Contouring Systems

Achieve the Perfect Physique with Non-Invasive Body Contouring Systems


non-invasive body contouringIt’s harder than ever to maintain a healthy weight and appealing physical appearance than ever. Our food is depleted of essential nutrition, and with little time at our disposal, it is not always practical to prepare fresh, organic meals. Many of us barely have the time to reach for the quickest, most convenient meals that are often nothing more than empty calories that deliver minimal nutrition and maximum fat, sugar and salt. As for exercise, our busy days don’t often allow the time to schedule sufficient training to burn off the calories we pack on in the kitchen. However, non-invasive body contouring systems make it a little easier to kick-start the fat burning process.

Today’s modern lifestyle can make it difficult to lose weight, but what’s a real kick in the booty, is when you actually invest the time, money and effort into losing weight, but a few stubborn pounds stay behind, along with saggy skin.


Introducing TriPollar Non-Invasive Body Contouring System


Would you like to dissolve fat and tighten your skin without having to risk surgery? You can now do it with minimal downtime and no surgical scars at all. That’s right – transformation is in your reach. Keep on reading to find out how you can remove unwanted fat and tighten your skin.


  • Do you struggle to get rid of stubborn fatty pockets, despite following a balanced diet and exercising regularly?
  • Does it feel like that last bit of weight is impossible to lose?
  • Are you tired of saggy skin around your tummy after having babies, or losing weight?
  • Want to get rid of that double chin?


Over the last few years non- and minimally invasive body contouring treatments have grown in popularity around the world, due to the fact that it offers incredible results without the side effects of invasive procedures, such as liposuction or lap band surgery.


What is TriPollar Body Contouring Treatment?


This innovative treatment uses a proprietary 3rd generation radio frequency (RF) technology that overcomes the limitations of older systems to deliver and efficient result with immediately visible contouring effects, right from the very first treatment. Best of all, the results are long-lasting.


TriPollar treatment has been shown to effectively:


  • reduce fatty deposits to sculpt the body
  • reduce the appearance of orange peel or cellulite
  • contour, rejuvenate and firm up skin
  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


How TriPollar Non Invasive Body Contouring Works


Optimal radio-frequency energy is applied to the skin surface as well as the subcutaneous fat layers of the limited treatment area in a painless process, using electrodes. The system uses sophisticated configuration and control algorithms to help prevent overheating. Since there is no need for applicator or skin cooling, treatment sessions are shorter and fewer, yet it delivers safe, efficient and consistent heating.


The procedure is pleasant and pain free, which makes it safe for:


  • use on delicate areas such as the peri orbital and peri oral areas.
  • enhanced collagen and elastin regeneration.
  • localized fat reduction, as the accelerated metabolism of fat cells cause them to shrink.


Bradford Skin Care Clinic and Med Spa offers TriPollar body contouring treatment. Our fully qualified therapists have undergone training in various body contouring treatments, and have rated TriPollar as superior. Call us today for a free assessment and treatment plan.