Common Skin Conditions

Common skin conditions include oily skin prone to acne, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and premature aging.  Many of us  have struggled with one or more of these issues on and off for years, or have had a sudden onset or flare up causing reason for concern.


Owner Mia Liefso

We find that many of our patients rely on us, not only for treatments, but for the relationship that is built while we get to know you and your skin. You may have come to a dead end with repetitive prescriptions that just do not work, or have never had your skin issues addressed at all. If you have suffered with any type of skin problem that prevents you from feeling the best you can be, then it’s time take control of your skin and your appearance. Don’t resign yourself to living with troublesome skin problems with the hope they will clear up by themself.

At Bradford Skin Clinic, we are here to help you. We will address your concerns, assess your skin thoroughly, and determine the best possible regime to get your skin back on track. Your consultation is always free of charge, your confidentiality respected, and you will never feel rushed. And remember… just because your skin concern may not be overly obvious to the public, if it is effecting YOU, it is important to us!

On the drop down menu we have several common skin conditions listed. This may help you determine which one most resembles what you are experiencing. If none of them are applicable to you, we encourage to contact us by phone, email or though our site to discuss your individual needs and/or concerns that you have regarding your skin.