TiZO Sunscrean

Introducing TiZO Sunscreen


Studies have shown that people don’t use enough sunscreen. In a recent study by Dr. Aaron Farberg of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, dermatologists agree that most sunscreens are safe and that sunscreen reduces photoaging (premature aging of the skin) and lowers the risk of skin cancer.


Most importantly, 99% of dermatologists feel that their patients apply too little sun protection.


“There is an understandably long list of reasons most people do not use or apply enough sunscreen: the lotion is uncomfortable, inconvenient to apply, not always readily available, expensive and the list goes on,” said Dr. Farberg.



Preserve Your Summer Skin With TiZO Sunscreen


Tizo sunscreenThe average person needs about one ounce of sunscreen to cover all exposed skin. That equals approximately a shot glass full of sunscreen. This is easy with TiZo.


TiZO is a tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers superior sun protection in a silky, cosmetically elegant lotion, with a non-greasy matte finish. It contains the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filters that help prevent premature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness.TiZO layers invisibly under makeup and refines the look of the skin and users love it.


I use it every day! – Kurt S.

I love this product! – Karen S.

Love Tizo! It has replaced my foundation and keeps my skin clear. – Sandra P.

Love love love TiZo. Super silky on the skin and a great foundation substitute in the summer. – Sandy C.


TiZO Age Defying Fusion Sunscreen contains  Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide particles to create a uniform layer of coverage on the skin, thus preventing harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin. TiZO prevents premature aging and the formation of free radicals that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.


TiZO is:


  • paraben free
  • fragrance free
  • oil free


The silky formula glides evenly onto your skin where it is instantly absorbed. TiZO leaves no sticky, oily, or white residue and it is safe for people with psoriasis, acne, photosensitive skin, and eczema. TiZO is recommended by leading dermatologists for use after post-cosmetic surgery and other facial procedures, including peels, laser treatment, and vibradermabrasion.


Speak to your Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa therapist today to help you choose the perfect TiZO sunscreen for your skin’s unique needs.