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    Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Non-Invasive Body Contouring Systems

    Achieve the Perfect Physique with Non-Invasive Body Contouring Systems


    non-invasive body contouringIt’s harder than ever to maintain a healthy weight and appealing physical appearance than ever. Our food is depleted of essential nutrition, and with little time at our disposal, it is not always practical to prepare fresh, organic meals. Many of us barely have the time to reach for the quickest, most convenient meals that are often nothing more than empty calories that deliver minimal nutrition and maximum fat, sugar and salt. As for exercise, our busy days don’t often allow the time to schedule sufficient training to burn off the calories we pack on in the kitchen. However, non-invasive body contouring systems make it a little easier to kick-start the fat burning process.

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  • To Wax or To Laser?

    Has the question ever dawned upon you which hair removal method is the best option and the most affordable?  We have created a chart to compare Laser and Waxing.

    Laser Waxing
    ·         Destroys the root·         Eliminates ingrown hairs·         Shave prior to treatment- Hair does not need to grow to a certain length to have treatment·         80% permanent hair reduction after a series of 6-12 treatments

    ·         Set cost

    ·         Temporary removal- Hair is generally visible 2-4 weeks after treatment·         Can cause ingrown hairs, inflammation and pimples·         Have to have hair at a certain length before being able to have treatment performed·         Becomes costly over the years to continue this service

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