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    Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Preparing for a Happy Valentine’s Day

    valentines day fire and iceThe legend of Valentine’s day dates back centuries, to a time when three different St. Valentine’s were martyred on February 14th. The pope decided to honour them on this day. In later years, an English poet decided to link the day to love, because the date signifies the onset of the birds’ mating season in England and France.

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  • Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

    Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

    winter hair removalIt’s winter, which – for many – means letting it all hang loose. We’re talking about unwanted hair! According to 90% of our clientele, shaving is the most bothersome, time consuming beauty task. First of all, most of them have to do it every day – and you know what happens when you’re in a rush! Nicks, cuts and regrowth itch are just some of the reasons why we hate shaving. To add insult to injury, the costs of shaving products can also add up over time.

    Don’t wait until the warmer weather of spring rolls around before you start thinking about hair removal, because then it will be too late to start a course of laser hair removal. If you leave it until spring or summer, you will have to choose between shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, or staying out of the sun. Continue reading >