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    Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • How to Wear Hair Extensions: Quick and Easy Hairstyles

    With a set of hair extensions on hand, achieving long, dreamy mermaid hair has never been easier.

    Whether you want to add a couple inches to your new ‘do, or your hair never seems to grow longer than a certain length, or you’re a new mom battling the unwelcome hair fallout post-baby, hair extensions are the answer to some of the most common hair struggles.

    Let’s be honest, not everyone was blessed with beautiful tresses. Temporary hair extensions can be used to enhance your appearance or even be a way to make a drastic change for a special occasion. That said, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you have serious commitment issues – with your hair, of course. 

    Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

    Remember that time you cut a few more inches off your hair than usual? Maybe it was a YOLO moment or you thought that’s just what a new mom should do. You know the mom bob – sounds good in theory and looks good on some – but for yourself you might be having serious hair regrets!

    Besides length, there are a number of reasons why people choose to wear extensions, from creating the illusion of more body and length or even adding a streak of color to one-dimensional hair color. They’re also a perfect cover-up for lazy mom hair days when your natural hair doesn’t want to cooperate! 

    How to Wear Hair Extensions

    Different types of extensions are available, depending on how long you plan to keep them in your hair and your preference with hair type. Compared to semi-permanent and permanent extensions, temporary methods such as clip-ins are the least damaging because you take them out at night. If you want to change things up a bit every so often, clip-ins are perfect for you.

    Not entirely sure how to apply clip-ins? Here’s a quick tutorial.

    While there are a million and one ways to style your hair with extensions in, that’s not even the best part. It’s the fact that none of these hairstyles are going to take more than a couple minutes to do. Okay, maybe not during your first attempt but they are really easy to do – promise!


    Quick and Easy Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

    Beachy Waves

    Break out the curling iron or wand to give yourself some beachy waves! This is one of the most popular ways to wear your hair while you’ve got extensions in. Curling your hair helps to conceal the transition from your real hair to your extensions.

    It’s best to use a curling wand to add waves to your hair, but you can also use a large-barrel curling iron to achieve the same look. You just need to run your fingers through your hair after to loosen up the curls!

    The final touch is to set your hair with your favorite spray so your waves last longer.

    Low Ponytail

    This is the perfect hairstyle to show people how good you can look without even trying! A low ponytail is super versatile – you can dress it up for a special occasion or you can wear it on a regular day where you just want to look extra cute.

    To create this look, you need a light gel. Wet your hands and squeeze a dime-sized amount of product into your palms. Next, use your fingers to comb through your head shape starting from the crown. Use your palms to mold your hair into a sleek ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

    To step it up, slip a couple bobby pins in the front section of your hair. You can play around with bobby pins by stacking them in the same direction or even overlapping them to create a pattern.

    Braided Ponytail

    A standard ponytail can get a little boring. Turn it up a notch by adding a braid to the side of your head.

    For a more polished look, use a tail comb to separate a smaller section of your hair for a tighter braid. For an effortless look, use your fingers to section your hair and loosely braid it. Use an elastic to secure the braid before pulling the rest of your hair back into a ponytail.

    Bright Streak

    We’ve seen celebs doing it for decades now and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Use clip-ins to add a streak of color to your hair without going through the trouble of dying it. This is a fun way to change things up a bit for a special occasion or even if you just want to do something cool to your hair minus the commitment.

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