Bradford Hair Removal

Looking for a Bradford Hair Removal clinic?

Bradford Hair RemovalYou’ve come to the right place – Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa is a laser clinic that specializes in hair removal.

New High Speed Bradford Hair Removal


We’re thrilled to announce our all new technology that delivers fast, pain-free and permanent hair removal. In fact, it is the fastest treatment in the hair removal industry.


The MeDioStar system is made in Germany, and is FDA and Health Canada approved.


Bradford Hair Removal With MeDioStar


MeDioStar is not only fast, but it is also effective and safe. Now we’re able to safely treat both dark and light skin types with our pain-free technology. You receive permanent results with no downtime!


SmoothPulse Mode and a built-in skin cooling system ensure optimal comfort and a pain-free experience, without the application of a topical anaesthetic.


This innovative technology combines two laser wavelengths that enable patients of all skin types to benefit from laser hair removal using the most innovative and most advanced hair removal solution on the market today.


Our patients have noticed significant results in as little as a single treatment, although 4-6 treatments are usually required for permanent hair removal. At the end of each treatment cycle, you should note less hair growing back.


At present, there is no laser on the market that caters to white, grey or red hair. However, as the leaders in Bradford hair removal innovation, you will be sure to find a solution from Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa as soon as such technology becomes available.


In addition to Bradford hair removal, our clinic offers a wide range of skin treatments, advice and skin care products to help you restore your youth, regain your confidence, and feel good in your own skin. Get in touch with Bradford Skin Clinic today for tailored advice.