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    Rosacea Treatment

  • What is Rosacea?

    what is rosaceaA common inflammatory skin disorder which often begins with redness appearing on the face-usually on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

    The redness may gradually appear on the ears, chest, neck and eyes.  At first, the redness may come and go, but overtime, it can become more persistent, and visible blood vessels and tiny pimples may appear.  Some people may feel a burning or itching sensation on their face.

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  • Bradford Skin Clinic Offers New Hope for Rosacea Sufferers

    Rosacea FAQsAlthough around 2 million Canadians and 14 million Americans have rosacea, most are blissfully unaware. The chronic disorder affects the skin, making it red and swollen with acne-like sores. Often confused with adult acne, it usually affects people intermittently, and it is most common in women over 30, although men tend to have more severe symptoms, which clears up in 48% of cases. Continue reading >