How to Choose the Right Skin Clinic

The importance of legitimate reviews

skin clinic reviewsLet’s be honest… Nobody likes to waste money on buying poor quality products and services. When it comes to choosing a skin clinic, there’s an extra layer (pun intended!) of concern: you want to be sure that the person who works on your skin:


  • Is a qualified professional
  • Uses state-of-the-art equipment and products
  • Is fully trained in the latest technologies and skin care innovations
  • Adheres to the most stringent medical and hygiene standards


Your skin plays a pivotal role in your self confidence, which is why you only want the best certified Medical Skin Therapists to treat your skin. How do you find the right skin therapist for your needs?


Skin Clinic Reviews Online


It can be hard to judge a company, service or skin clinic based on online reviews, but by understanding consumer psychology, you can go a long way towards making a good judgment as to whether a skin clinic is good for you. Here are some metrics and concepts to consider:


  • No reviews – If a skin clinic has no reviews, they are probably either brand new, or they do not cater to modern consumers. The typical market for skin clinics 2018 is constantly online, where they overshare about anything – including hair removal.


  • Less than 10 reviews, but they are all 5-star! – Consumers can be hard to please, so all 5-star reviews should raise a red flag as to their legitimacy. A company with only happy clients? That’s a first!


  • Only bad reviews – While it is true that people are more likely to complain than compliment, every company should have at least a few happy customers.


skin clinic reviews facebook

A good indicator of a reputable skin clinic would be one with many online reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. Due to the nature of skin and the fact that there is no single formula for success for every client and skin type, you must expect to see a few three- or four-star ratings in between. That gives credence to the fact that the skin clinic reviews are legitimate. We are not bragging (well maybe) but we have an average 4.9 Star rating as of Feb 2018 for Google reviews here at Bradford Skin Clinic (and that’s via legitimate unsolicited reviews) and 5/5  Facebook votes.


While it is impossible to keep up responses to all online skin clinic reviews, it would help to look at the responses from the skin clinic to unsatisfied reviewers. Do you feel that they are trying to resolve the issues? Are they courteous and providing insight into what went wrong and how they can satisfy their clients? If you answered yes to any of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS! You have found a legitimate, good quality skin clinic.