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Difference between a Medical Aesthetician and an Aesthetician

What is the difference between a Medical Aesthetician and an Aesthetician?



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Medical Aesthetician












The esthetics industry has advanced and developed fairly quickly within the last decade, in that there are now several branches of specialties within the esthetics field.  The following article will focus on the differences between Medical Aestheticians and Aestheticians.

Aestheticians generally work in a spa setting and focus on providing their clientele with the most relaxing and pampering treatment possible.  However Medical Aestheticians generally work in a medical setting including a medical spa, skin clinic, dermatologist office and/or plastic surgeon office and focus on improving clients’ appearance and promoting proper healing of the tissue.

Due to their study mainly focusing on beautifying individuals; Aestheticians usually provide their clientele with basic esthetic treatments such as facials, waxing, manicure & pedicure, makeup artistry and body treatments.  In comparison due to their study mainly focusing on improving and maintaining several skin conditions Medical Aestheticians provide their clientele with much more invasive treatments such as laser, microdermabrasion, skin tightening/body contouring and medical-grade chemical peels.  Medical Aestheticians require much more in-depth knowledge regarding the anatomy & physiology of the skin, as well as cell biology.  Prior to being able to perform any advanced Medical Aesthetic services on clients, a Medical Aesthetician must go through specialized and certified training programs with a focus on particular techniques and medical equipment.  It is recommended that clients conduct proper research prior to receiving medical treatments in order to ensure a medical aesthetician is properly trained and certified.

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