MeDioStar Hair Removal

MeDioStar: Next Generation Laser Hair Removal

German engineered and manufactured diode laser hair technology


Mediostar laser hair removalBradford Skin Clinic is proud to introduce an all-new PAIN FREE laser hair removal technology that promises to a fast, permanent and pain-free experience. In fact, the MeDioStar is the fastest treatment, and it guarantees optimal comfort along with permanent results without any downtime.


The German manufacturing of the MeDioStar combines with FDA and Health Canada approval to ensure optimal results.



The MeDioStar Advantage


mediostar hair removal

Quick Treatments – MeDioStar laser hair removal treatments last on average from two to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.


Fast Results – You should see significant results within a single treatments and permanent removal will require 4-6 treatments. You will see less regrowth after each successive treatment.


Versatile Treatment – MeDioStar uses a combination of laser wavelengths to provide patients with all skin types to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. The dermatologist experiences greater treatment versatility in terms of skin types, ranging from I-VI, as well as tanned skin. Three different handpieces can be used on specific treatment areas, including:


  • toes, bikini line or upper lip
  • underarms and arms
  • legs, buttocks, back and chest


The MeDioStar’s XL-L tip provides the largest laser hair removal spot size treatment on the market.  


Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal – MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL offers an adjustable pulse duration and features integrated high power Peltier skin cooling to prevent thermal damage to the epidermis, allowing you to continue your laser hair removal in summer. MeDioStar offers a ‘SmoothPulse Mode’, which removes the need for topical anaesthetic.


MeDioStar NeXT PRO ALEX combines the Alexandrite (755nn) wavelength with the latest diode technology to deliver efficient high melanin absorption. This system is especially beneficial to lighter, thinner hairs and skin types of up to Type III.


Note: Grey, white, and red hairs cannot be effectively treated with any type of laser.


Effective Hair Removal – A special quartz fiber bundle allows the laser beam to be submitted evenly to guarantee uniform distribution with no uneven temperatures or gaps to ensure safe treatment with no side-effects.


Get in touch with Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa today to book your MeDioStar laser hair removal treatment. We guarantee fast, safe, pain-free and effective hair removal with no down-time and permanent results.


Read the MeDioStar Brochure here