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To Wax or To Laser?

Has the question ever dawned upon you which hair removal method is the best option and the most affordable?  We have created a chart to compare Laser and Waxing.

Laser Waxing
·         Destroys the root·         Eliminates ingrown hairs·         Shave prior to treatment- Hair does not need to grow to a certain length to have treatment·         80% permanent hair reduction after a series of 6-12 treatments

·         Set cost

·         Temporary removal- Hair is generally visible 2-4 weeks after treatment·         Can cause ingrown hairs, inflammation and pimples·         Have to have hair at a certain length before being able to have treatment performed·         Becomes costly over the years to continue this service

We believe to be the better choice; LASER!

Note:  Laser targets the root of the hair; therefore it can only target hair with a strong pigment such as black and brown.

At the Bradford Skin Clinic, we offer laser hair removal using the latest gold standard technology and effective protocols.   When receiving hair removal treatments, a package is recommended in order to ensure optimal results.  It is important for each appointment to be booked within a six week timeframe and for clients to be consistent with attending each appointment, to ensure we are targeting the hair in the correct stage of growth.  There are three stages of hair growth and because they cannot be seen, consistency is an essential part of treatment.  If clients are not able to commit to their appointments, results will be compromised.  On average, clients require six treatments to see a significant reduction and touch-ups up twice a year following treatments.  With our superior knowledge at the clinic and our constant effort to ensure customer satisfaction, we have created bundled packages for your convenience.

During course of treatment, clients are to ONLY shave in-between appointments to remove the unwanted hair.  Any other hair removal method will negatively affect the end result of the treatment.

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